Garage Door Cable Replacement

garage door cable repair

Garage door cables are more important than you realize. Imagine you came back home one day, but your garage door fails to open. Upon closer inspection, you may notice something is wrong with your cables. Perhaps they are broken in half due to stress, which results in a problematic situation. The main role of the cables is to work together with the springs; in conjunction, they lift and lower the overall weight of your garage door. Without the cables, you are left unable to operate your garage safely. If your garage door no longer functions properly, you should consider a brand new garage door cable installation.

While you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands, cable repairs tend to be rather complicated. Don’t do it by yourself – leave it to the professional care of A-Team Garage Door Repair. If you live in the Aurora area and need to install a new cable, we have your back.

Garage Door Cable Issues

There are several potential causes for broken garage door cables.

▶ One of the more persistent ones is wear and tear. Your cables work hard to lift and lower the garage door on a daily basis. Due to the heavy weight of your door, these cables spend years accumulating stress. Eventually, they cannot take it anymore; once they run out of strength, the cables snap in two. The older a cable is, the more likely it can break at any time.

▶ Another issue is rust on metal cables. Arora’s snowy climate might be possible reason. With all the moisture, plus using chemicals. For instance, rock salt is used to melt the snow. As a result of salt’s corrosive effects, your garage door could potentially be at risk of rust. The more likely possibility, however, is your metal cables are simply too old. Either way, rust eventually eats away at the metal, causing the cables to break.

frayed garage door cable repair

▶ There is also the possibility of jammed cables. They are attached to the pulley, but sometimes they might unwind. Suddenly, you have to deal with tangled wires, which requires careful readjustment to put it back together. You can tell you have jammed cables by observing the pulley and seeing loose wiring stick out.

If you hire A-Team Garage Door Repair, you can expect technicians with several years of experience. We are specifically trained to deal with all types of cable issues. Whether the cables are broken or in need of repair, we can take care of these problems.

garage door cables

Types of Cables and Uses

A-Team Garage Door Repair understands cable replacement service. We are quite knowledgeable about both the types of garage door cables, especially with their particular uses. The two most common are the lift and retaining cables, popular among homeowners. Each of them operates within its own system, using a different set of springs to move your door. We can repair and replace depending on the cable your garage door uses.

garage door torsion spring
This type of cable works with torsion springs.

Lift Cables

A lift cable works together with torsion springs. On the right and left bottom corners of your door, you can find the cables attached to these areas. They connect with the torsion springs, which is found right above your garage door.

Broken lift cables are identifiable by strand protrusions in the wires. If a lift cable is jammed, look up to the pulley and see if the cable is hanging out awkwardly. Either way, we can repair these kinds of jobs. We also make sure to keep the garage door torsion springs in place, so they don’t go flying across the room.

garage door extension spring
This type of cable works with extension springs.

Retaining Cables

Retaining cables pair up with extension springs. Within this configuration, the cables run vertically across both sides of your garage door. The cables are inside the springs themselves, with the intended purpose of preventing damage if it breaks. Due to the design of the springs, it cannot fly off a retaining cable; it’s an effective safeguard in the event of a breakage.

Broken garage door extension springs are noticeable if they are separated into two sections rather than one. A jammed retaining cable is also identifiable by loose wiring. If either event takes place, we can repair these cables and springs in no time.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

garage door cable replacement

A-Team Garage Door Repair is a trusted company with years of knowledge and expertise. Our customer service guarantees a high level of satisfaction. We take a sensible approach to cable installation, along with a primary concern for safety.

No matter if you use a lift or retaining cable for your garage door, you need to install brand new ones safely. Cable repair and replacement need to comply with safety regulations. If not properly done, springs can fly off and cause damage to the surrounding environment. There is also the risk of a garage door falling. By prioritizing safety, you not only prevent a potential injury but also significantly reduce damage to the garage.

With that in mind, it’s not advisable to perform these repairs by yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also a time-consuming process. It requires a high level of skill and state-of-the-art tools to install garage door cables safely. There is no reason for you to waste time reading up how-to books when you can simply call for professional repair service. The good news is we look out for homeowners in the Aurora area.

Whether you need a garage door cable replacement or garage door cable repair, we do all the hard work for you. A-Team Garage Door Repair saves you time and money, which makes our services a cost-effective investment. You get a team of technicians who are experienced, licensed, and professional. For your convenience, we also offer same-day service; we are available seven days a week. We understand broken garage door cables can happen any day of the week, so give us a call if you need anything. Once we install brand new cables and put your garage door in good working condition, A-Team Garage Door Repair ensures your overall safety.

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